Green Dot’s New Leadership Aims to Accelerate Embedded Vision

Green Dot’s Founders & CEO Steve Streit left the company in December 2019 as they were transitioning from prepaid card giant to leading embedded finance provider; one of their newest hires, Daniel Eckert, hails from Green Dot’s biggest partner in Walmart and has been working to drive innovation at both companies for the last decade; “While at Walmart, Daniel served as a catalyst for Green Dot’s creativity, always pushing for continued innovation on the programs and platforms we support for this important relationship. He possesses a unique ability to balance customer value and satisfaction with a sustainable business model, and we’re excited that he’s joining our team to continue driving our growth,” Green Dot’s President and CEO, Dan Henry, tells TearSheet; Eckert tripled the size of the business through organic innovation and growth, while building Walmart’s financial services practice into the 3rd largest money services business in the U.S.; Green Dot aims to extend their lead in the banking as a service market, or as it is commonly referred to today as embedded finance. TearSheet

  • Emily Donato

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