First Impressions from LendIt Fintech Digital

While writing in Crowdfund Insider Tim LI, CEO of Alchemy, discusses his first impressions with LendIt Fintech Digital; LendIt Fintech Digital is not an online event, but rather a community where fintech leaders gather every week; everyone has a front seat when they come to LFD, “It is a different experience. You aren’t fighting for a seat and struggling to hear the speakers over noise neighbors. Everyone gets a front seat. Up and close and personal. The videos appear to be 720p or above with great audio and no sync issues. It’s a surprisingly pleasant experience.”; Li says the replay is one of his favorite features of LFD, it allows him to pause the event and come back to it at his convenience; “The bottom line is that the fine folks at LendIt did a great job with this. I am really impressed. The website is well done. The content is on point (and super relevant). And the price is right. I’d recommend everyone to give it a try.” CrowdFund Insider

  • Emily Donato

    With efforts in many different areas of the team, she helps manage, organize and execute digital and event content. She works with webinars, podcasts, social media along with managing the hundreds of speakers that attend our conferences. Emily was a part of the Zimmerman Advertising Program at the University of South Florida. She graduated in 2019 receiving a Bachelor of Science in Business Advertising.