Financial Firms Find Success with Alexa Flash Briefings

Financial firms like TD Ameritrade and Ritholtz Wealth Management have found early success in interacting with customers through Amazon’s Alexa device; flash briefings through Alexa have allowed the companies to reach customers in a new way instead of using email blasts as most companies tend to do; “We wanted to come up with a way to be in our clients’ ears for just two minutes a day,” Dani Fava, the Director of Innovations at TD Ameritrade Institutional, said to Business Insider. “It’s a way to build relationships through this channel.”; flash briefings are a message on Alexa that provide a minute or two of content to customers which allow them to stay current as opposed to sifting through their emails; the email messages were found to get lost in someone’s overcrowded email, spam filters or users were unsubscribing; Ritholtz Wealth Management created a Market Moment briefing that has seen big success even without a big media budget to promote it; firms are beginning to see how new ways of engagement are paying off as customers shift away from traditional communication channels. Business Insider

  • Emily Donato

    With efforts in many different areas of the team, she helps manage, organize and execute digital and event content. She works with webinars, podcasts, social media along with managing the hundreds of speakers that attend our conferences. Emily was a part of the Zimmerman Advertising Program at the University of South Florida. She graduated in 2019 receiving a Bachelor of Science in Business Advertising.