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Cryptonexus workshop with BanklessDao to run pre-USA 2022 event

LendIt Fintech announced a one-day educational workshop that will transform crypto-curious into crypto-capable, set to run two days before the LendIt USA conference in NYC.

The idea aligns with LendIt’s belief that every single company will feel the impact of Web3, and industry leaders will have to learn and adapt to it fast.

In partnership with BanklassDao, Cryptonexus is a one-day interactive workshop offered on either Monday, May 23, or Tuesday, May 24.

“Our mission with these one-day workshops is to introduce our core community of fintech entrepreneurs and bank executives to Web3, safely and confidently,” CEO Bo Brustkern said.

“We’ve designed this course, in collaboration with BanklessDAO, to provide everything the traditional financial executive needs to understand, explore and work in the future of finance.”

The workshop mirrors the recent announcement of Merge London, a new conference focusing on the collision between Web3, fintech, and traditional finance.

Attendees can expect to learn what they need to bridge the gap. Industry leaders Jacob Benson from Coffee & Crypto, Manuel Maccou from BanklessDao, and LendIt’s own Brustkern will lead fundamental lessons and hands-on guide demos with real cryptocurrencies DeFi applications and more.

Meet your workshop leaders

Jacob Benson

Benson has 16 years of IT under his belt for Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and Azure Cloud. He has organized, run, and presented at scores of technology conferences and user groups, and has developed his curriculum specifically for traditional financial services and fintech executives.

Brustkern began his crypto journey in 2014. He has contributed to several Web3 projects, including BanklessDAO (L3 status), Index Coop (Bronze Owl), DAOpunks (Verified), Fight Club (Member), and others. He is an avid POAP collector and NFT enthusiast. He is a member of the Yet-to-be-Rugged Club and is working hard to maintain that status.

Manuel Maccou

Maccou is a full-time contributor at BanklessDAO, where he has held education leadership positions. He is passionate about creating learning opportunities for those new to Web3 and crypto and is looking forward to educating participants at Cryptonexus.

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