Crypto Winter Podcast Series

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Past Episodes

Episode 1

Join Kirill Bensonoff, an MIT grad and serial entrepreneur facilitating defi real estate lending transactions at New Silver.

Episode 2

We speak with John Sun of Spring Labs about DeFi KYC.

Episode 3

Join our chat with Matthew Le Merle, Blockchain Coinvestors, a blockchain growth investor.

Episode 4

Jonah Crane, a Partner of Klaros Group, will speak about how he advises clients in these turbulent times.

Episode 5

Join us as we speak with Alexandra Steinberg Barrage, a Partner of Davis Wright and former FDIC Exec.

Episode 6

Join us as we speak with Liz Matthew, Global Head of BD & Partnerships at Metamask Institutional.

Episode 7

Join us as we speak with Ram Ahluwalia, CEO & Co-founder, Lumida.

Episode 8

Join us as we speak with Trevor Marshall, CTO, Current.

Episode 9

Join us as we speak with Frank Rotman Partnet at QED Investors.

Episode 10

Join us as we speak with Brian Korn Partnet at Manatt.

Episode 11

Join us as we speak with Victor Fang, CTO, AnChain.AI

Episode 12

Julia Morrongiello, Head of Growth, Europe, Zero Hash

17-18 October, Tobacco Dock, London

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