Commentary on the Plaid/Visa Deal

The $5.3 billion acquisition of Plaid has created excitement in the fintech community and some believe this is only the beginning of what 2020 may bring; Matt Harris from Bain Capital Ventures noted, “Visa buying Plaid brings fintech from out in the wild to something more mainstream…It’s a ‘growing up’ moment for all of us.” He also noted that Plaid will now be part of the “critical infrastructure underlying the financial services industry.”; Back in 2018 Square looked into buying Plaid for a fifth of the $5.3 billion Plaid received from Visa; Ryan Caldwell, chief executive officer of financial data company MX Technologies believes that the news may create a domino effect as larger companies become increasingly aware of fintechs; others are not as convinced believing more consolidation is to come as opposed to multi-billion dollar exits. Yahoo!

  • Emily Donato

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