Capital One Hopes Eno’s Proactiveness Can be a Game Changer

Automated digital assistants has become must have in financial services as more banks have started to roll out products to make their customers lives more seamless; Capital One hopes their digital assistant, Eno, can go to the top of the pack by being proactive and not just reactive; “Eno is an assistant that is both reactive and proactive,” said Ken Dodelin, VP of Conversational AI at Capital One told Forbes. “People love it when you can talk to an AI assistant to get an answer and love it even more if the AI assistant detects an issue and helps resolve the stressor.”; Eno has the ability to scan transactions to find charitable donations that could be tax deductible and let a user know when a free trial is about to expire so they don’t get charged if they no longer want the service full time; features like this will soon become a natural part of banking as the push for automation continues to ramp up. Forbes

  • Emily Donato

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