Capify Acquired by Strategic Funding Source as Can Capital Continues to Struggle for Business

CAN Capital has deep roots in the credit industry, evolving from one of the industry’s leading merchant cash advance services in the 90s; as AdvanceMe, its direct competition with AmeriMerchant was influential in the merchant cash advance industry with AmeriMerchant winning a patent case that invalidated AdvanceMe’s patent on merchant cash advance technology, also opening the market to increased entrants in the merchant cash advance business; both companies have now simultaneously reached new junctures; CAN Capital suspended funding in November 2016 and AmeriMerchant, now Capify, has been partially acquired by Strategic Funding Source; Strategic Funding Source has acquired the US operations of Capify in one of 2017’s first acquisitions; international businesses of Capify were not acquired and will continue to be led by Capify executives.  Source