Banks Struggle with Open Banking Security Concerns

Banks have historically been the guardians of customer information, but that has started to change with open banking; opening up information to third parties via customers has led banks to think more and more about security breaches; Now it’s not just about building a wall and not letting anyone in,” said Ram Bose, global retail banking consulting leader at Genpact, to TearSheet. “It’s about building a filter or strainer that lets some things in or out and not other things.”; the UK has regulations that mandate the sharing of info but the US has only set out standards and banks have been doing one off deals; new technologies like AI and machine learning can help to better secure agreements when banks are working with 20 or more potential partners; it is early days but banks can help to set up the standards they use by working together with fintechs and regulators. Source.

  • Todd Anderson

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