Banks Benefit from Employee Training in Fintech

In the last few years banks have started to retrain employees on how to use various new technologies so they can better assist customers;  the training is paying off as banks shutter branches and force customers to use technologies from home; “Now is time to be equipping branch staff to educate every customer that comes in with account questions,” said Bob Meara, Senior Analyst at Celent, to American Banker. “In today’s environment this is not just a courtesy, but ‘it’s really important we show you how to do this, and someone is here right now to help you.”; versatility is becoming the biggest asset for bank employees, OceanFirst Bank is routing call center calls to branches to help keep wait times down and BBVA is training employees on how to efficiently use the mobile app; M&T Bank is providing staff with badges and points which could end up leading to incentive payments; banks are all adjusting to the new reality and the more each employee can do the better then can serve their various customers. American Banker

  • Emily Donato

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