Apple Card Partners with Walgreens on Sign-Up Bonus

Apple Card has secured their first sign-up bonus partner with Walgreens; customers to receive $50 in daily cash when they get a new Apple Card and spend $50 or more at Walgreens within the first 30 days; “This sign-up bonus is a first for the Apple Card, but it’s definitely a sign of the times,” remarked Sara Rathner, credit cards expert at NerdWallet, to TechCrunch. “Credit card companies are making changes across the board to attract and retain customers at a time when spending habits are dramatically different than they were even three months ago.”; Walgreens has been working with Apple for some time and joined Uber last fall offering 3 percent cash back on purchases using the Apple Card; Apple Card has become one of the hottest credit cards in the market, especially for those looking to protect privacy as Goldman Sachs has said they will not sell or share data with third parties. Tech Crunch

  • Emily Donato

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