Tom Blomfield Stepping Down as Monzo CEO, will Serve as President

Tom Blomfield started Monzo over five years ago and has now decided to step down as CEO; he will now serve in a newly created role as president of the challenger bank; TS Anil who is the current US CEO will become the Monzo UK Bank CEO; Anil has previously worked at Visa, Standard Chartered and Citi; Blomfield will spend more time focusing on things he enjoys such as focusing on the longer-term vision for the company and how they can best serve their customers; Blomfield has been contemplating this transition for about 18 months; in talking with TechCrunch, he stated, “I went through all the stuff I love about my job, and it was all the stuff I did in the first two or three years…and I went through all the stuff that drains me, and it’s all the stuff I’ve done in the last two years, honestly. Things I think TS is awesome at.” TechCrunch

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