Ray Dalio Article


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What Ray Dalio’s new research says about American Empire, the US dollar, Gold, and Bitcoin


Hi Fintech futurists —

This week, we engage deeply with Ray Dalio’s economic research about American Empire, capitalism, and the structure of money and credit. His clear ideas and model of the macro economy help connect the dots between emerging schools of thought, like Modern Monetary Theory and Market Monetarism, and the scarcity-focused philosophies of Gold and Bitcoin. This exploration will give you tools for understanding the $2 trillion printed by the Federal Reserve, as well as potential associated impacts on finance and society.

Long Take

The hard thing about abundance is making a choice. We live in a time of the broadest set of economic, social, and political thinking, available to all at any time. When the world’s most important macroeconomic investor, Ray Dalio, publishes a deeply-researched description of the money markets and a forward view of the impact on American Empire, all we have to do is listen and learn. It is all available here, for free.

What makes empires according to Ray? And what breaks them?…