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From the mind of Lex Sokolin, The Fintech Blueprint is the leading analytical Fintech & DeFi newsletter in the industry, with 200,000+ senior professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors. 

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Lex Sokolin's Market Update

Lex is a builder and investor working on the next generation of socio-economics and financial services. He is the Managing Partner and co-Founder of Generative Ventures, an engaged venture capital fund investing in the Machine Economy powered by Fintech, accelerated by AI, and settled on Web3.

Previously, Lex held the roles of Chief Economist, Chief Marketing Officer, and  Global Fintech Co-Head at Consensys, a leading Web3 blockchain software company.

His industry newsletter, the Fintech Blueprint, reaches 200,000 subscribers.

December 12th 11am ET

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Previous Office Hours: How to Succeed in the Techstars Accelerator Program with Pete Townsend

Pete Townsend is an early-stage startup investor, advisor, non-executive director, and podcaster. He invests in and accelerates web3 startups as Managing Director of the Techstars Web3 Accelerator.

He has 28 years of global experience at the startup and enterprise level with companies such as Coinbase, BNP Paribas, Fidelity Investments and 30+ startups across Europe and the US.

He is also the co-host of MoneyNeverSleeps, an Ireland top 20 weekly podcast that looks inside the minds of entrepreneurs and at the crossover of startups, enterprise, finance, technology and life as we know it."

November 15th   11am ET

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