Explore the complexities of our rapidly changing world through insightful sessions focused on the most important trends in fintech. Live Spanish and Portuguese translation of all content is available upon request.

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Agenda Overview

Banks, fintechs, investors and industry solution providers from across the world gathered to chart the region’s path into the future of finance.

Last year’s themes included:

The Acceleration of Digital Banking & Inclusion: Digital Banking technology has helped bring financial services to all, no matter where you live and who you bank with. Banks, fintechs, e-commerce platforms, and more now have the tools to change the banking dynamic. Where do we go from here? Banking as we know continues to evolve and access continues to expand. Where is banking headed next? Are you prepared to stay ahead of the curve? We will help prepare you for the next iteration of banking in LatAm.

How Fintech Will Impact the Future: Predicting the future can be fun! So much has changed in the last five years and at times it feels like one year can be seven. We will take a look at the future in a constantly evolving fintech ecosystem. The growing gig economy, the high demand for talent, faster and cheaper payments, and much, much more.

Lending Reaches the Masses: Consumer and small business lending continue to move forward with innovation in all areas. BNPL hoards most of the headlines and mortgage lending is finally moving ahead into the digital age. SMBs are finally getting the help they need as data continues to become a commodity. Real-time analytics provide lenders with best information as they look to lend across the spectrum. How will credit continue evolving as technology levels the playing field?

Remaking Payments: Digital, Real Time and the Move Away from Cash: As LatAm moves from a cash economy to a digital payments economy many payments companies are maturing. How can digital payments replace the advantages of cash? Is crypto the answer? And what innovations are happening in the massive cross border remittances space? This track will answer these questions and more.

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