JP Morgan Neobank Article


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JP Morgan’s dead Neobank mistook Digital for a Channel, EOS Voice is $150MM in the wrong direction, plus 13 short takes on top developments


Hi Fintech futurists —

Today, a longer take on how to understand JP Morgan shutting down its neobank app, Amazon overcoming objections to eCommerce, and EOS attacking Facebook incorrectly with Voice. The latest short takes on the Fintech bundles, Crypto and Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented and Virtual Reality are below.

Long Take

One of the winged machines below is the Wright Brothers progenitor of the modern airplane, bringing the gift of flight to the human animal. The other is Samuel Langley’s aerodrome, a competitor with 25 times more funding that promptly crashed into the river and obscurity.

We continue to have these moments in Fintech and legacy financial services. For example, JP Morgan just shut down its neobank competitor Finn, targeted at Millennials in a smartphone app wrapper. Several other…