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Upcoming| Unmasking Sanctions Evasion: Trends, Challenges, and Solutions

June 15th 2023, 6:00 pm

Financial institutions and fintechs are under pressure to adhere to strict regulations and guidelines to prevent illegal activities such as terrorist financing and money laundering. One of the most crucial components of compliance is sanctions screening, which entails identifying and blocking transactions involving sanctioned individuals, organizations, and countries. However, as sanctions become more complex and sophisticated, bad actors are increasingly using hybrid threat finance to evade them. In this upcoming webinar hosted by Fintech Nexus, former international intelligence expert and compliance leaders will discuss: - Typologies of sanctions evasion and risks within your organization - The importance of flexible, scalable solutions for effective sanctions management - Ensuring a complete and comprehensive sanctions program - Practical tips for improving and managing sanctions screening programs and how to avoid penalties

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Upcoming| How to Be Innovative AND Compliant in Digital Lending

June 8th 2023, 6:00 pm

We’ve seen a major wave of innovation in lending throughout 2023, with heavy hitters like Apple Pay Later and Amazon Prime entering the market. So it’s surprising that loan servicing, which makes up 90% of the life of a loan, has yet to see significant personalization. In this webinar, Matt Bivons, CEO of Canopy, is joined by Mike Weinbach (former CEO of Consumer Lending at Wells Fargo), Taten Soltis, VP of Operations at Affirm, and Thomas Curran, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer of Upgrade to discuss: - Innovation isn't enough when building personalized, embedded lending products. What's key? - What "lines of defense" are necessary when bringing a new product to market - How to deliver a memorable experience to the end customer - Achieving the best of both worlds: innovation and compliance

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On-Demand | Alternative Data: The Catalyst for Financial Inclusion

February 2nd 2023, 7:00 pm

Addressing financial inclusion is a priority for many fintechs and financial services providers: there are almost 6 million unbanked households in the US alone. This large population of unbanked individuals represents significant growth for innovative organizations, but the reliance on traditional financial data makes it difficult to evaluate creditworthiness for those with thin or nonexistent files. To make financial services available to the unbanked and underbanked populations, alternative data provides new insights to support credit decisions while also detecting fraud. Join this panel of experts for a discussion on how to harness the power of alternative data to catalyze financial inclusion and expand your customer base, without increasing risk.

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On-Demand | How to Onboard 90% of Customers Quickly & Securely

January 26th 2023, 7:00 pm

Identity verification has often been seen as an enemy of new customer acquisition, slowing down the onboarding process and disrupting the consumer experience. Today, many modern companies are challenging this perception by using advanced identity verification technology to not only mitigate account opening fraud but also drive more revenue. In this session, Brandt Smallwood, Head of Card at BILT Mastercard, joins Nicole Jass, Chief Product Officer at Prove and Todd Anderson, Chief Content Officer at Fintech Nexus to share his learnings about how BILT used innovative identity verification and identity pre-fill technology to increase their onboarding pass rate to 90+%, enabling more new customers to sign up more quickly and securely.

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On-Demand | Fintech Innovations Press Credit Reporting Evolution

December 8th 2022, 7:00 pm

Consumer credit is an important element of a healthy economy, allowing borrowers to finance the purchase of homes, cars, and many other goods and services. While mortgage debt remains the largest source of U.S. consumer debt, non-mortgage debt balances also continue steady growth, pausing only slightly during the pandemic before regaining momentum. Over the last decade, the makeup of non-mortgage debt has changed with the acceleration of student lending and the development of new forms of personal lending. Throughout the changes, credit scores derived from consumer credit files have remained an effective tool for managing repayment risk. Lenders rely on the predictive value of scores to extend credit in responsible ways, allowing borrowers to reach their goals while building a solid credit profile. The credit bureaus provide an important service by collecting and maintaining information on credit transactions to support the transparency that lenders and borrowers need.

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On-Demand | Manual Reviews are Killing Your Competitive Edge

August 18th 2022, 6:00 pm

Consumers now expect fast approvals and frictionless experiences — meaning teams that still rely heavily on manual reviews for onboarding and underwriting are falling short. While their queues are overflowing with applications, frustrated customers leave for a competitor while fraudsters fly under the radar. But there is a better way. In an increasingly digital, geographically diverse, and faster world, companies need to optimize their risk operations to stay competitive, provide a great customer experience, and prevent fraud losses. This panel of experts will share how fast-growing fintechs and leading financial institutions are addressing this changing environment to stay ahead of fraudsters and their competition.

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On-Demand | What’s Next for BNPL in North America and how to Prepare For the Evolution

July 13th 2022, 6:00 pm

An e-commerce staple in certain regions, the Buy Now Pay Later wave is now having its moment in North America, with experts projecting the industry growing 10-15 times its current volume by 2025. As with most things in fintech, the landscape of BNPL – including regulations, providers, products and platforms – is changing, rapidly. Consumer expectations continue to grow, with 80% of consumers ranking speed as a key buying factor. Join us for this panel discussion where we will discuss all things BNPL, including onboarding, the customer journey, how the North American landscape and associated regulations are changing – and how to ensure you are prepared for the evolution.

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On-Demand | Identity as a Business Enabler

April 26th 2022, 12:00 pm

Current methods of customer authentication are simply too complex. Consumers abandon websites due to frustrating identity friction which leads to a loss in revenue. Passwordless authentication is a growing requirement to remain competitive in all industries. Learn about the available methods and the latest tools to eliminate passwords for all your customer-facing applications. End identity attrition and as a result increase your customer loyalty, conversion rates and profits. Enterprises that resist the change will struggle to catch up to the forward thinking organizations that have already embraced passwordless authentication early on in the game. Learn first-hand about the main challenges in the journey, how to overcome them and the best solutions to help you achieve passwordless customer authentication.

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On-Demand | Overcome External Data Deployment Challenges to Launch and Scale Innovative Financial Products

March 30th 2022, 6:00 pm

Join us to discuss the reasons this solution stands out among the alternatives. In this webinar, we will dive deep into understanding the credit excluded consumer and outline the potential of this market segment. In addition, we will explore the strengths and weaknesses of the current solutions available today and outlineThe financial services market is undergoing an intense period of production innovation with both fintechs and incumbents launching new financial products (e.g., “buy now, pay later”, cash advance, virtual cards, etc.). Each of these products depends on accurate, timely, and trustworthy external data for use cases including marketing, customer onboarding, underwriting, credit, fraud detection, and portfolio monitoring, among others.

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On-Demand | Man vs Machine: Fraudologists’ Guide to Defeating Attacks

March 22nd 2022, 6:00 pm

Long gone are the days of the solo fraudster working from a laptop, handpicking victims. Nowadays, fraud is controlled by organized criminals with vast resources who invest heavily in the technology they use for their attacks. Why would hackers manually test out stolen credit cards one by one when they can set up a program to test thousands of them in minutes? Fraud teams need to understand their enemies and combine technology and a strong management strategy to defeat todays threats. In this webinar, we will analyze the latest tactics and technology used to combat different types of attacks, including emulators, credential stuffing, cloud phones, app cloners, proxies, hooks, jailbreaks, and more.

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On-Demand | Engineering Data Security for Innovation & Hyper-Growth at Fintechs

March 10th 2022, 6:00 pm

Consumers trust fintechs with their most sensitive data including personally identifiable information (PII) such as name, date of birth, social security or national ID number, and their financial history including credit scores, bank or loan accounts, and payments. How can the fintech startups keep innovating and growing while controlling access to sensitive customer data to comply with the consumer privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA and honor customer preferences? Join the thought providing panel where we learn how hyper-growth fintech startups are designing data security solutions for controlling access to sensitive customer data without slowing down innovation and growth.

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On-Demand | Innovation in Identity Document Verification for Fintech Professionals: Expert Observations

March 1st 2022, 7:00 pm

Legacy identity document verification has relied solely on a binary check around document authentication and biometric facial matching, exposing fraud gaps and introducing cumbersome, manual processes. In contrast, next generation identity document verification employs automated, ML-powered decisioning and multi-dimensional predictive signals to create superior user experiences, deliver higher conversion rates, weed out fraudsters, and more. Join three of the industry’s preeminent experts to learn why the next generation of identity document verification will drive the next generation of best-in-class customer journeys, beginning at onboarding and throughout the user lifecycle.

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On-Demand | The Anatomy of an Account Takeover Attack

February 16th 2022, 7:00 pm

Account takeover attacks are the fuel that powers the wider financial fraud ecosystem. After compromising a financial account, attackers can steal and resell personal information, drain money from the account, make purchases, commit loan fraud, and a whole host of additional downstream attacks. It’s probably not surprising then that there have been 15 billion accounts compromised over the last year, which averages out at a staggering 475 ATO attacks per second. In this session, we will take a deep dive into the various steps of account takeover fraud. Key takeaways for the audience include an analysis of the economics that fuel attacks, the different routes to monetization, and how both sophisticated bots and humans are used in launching attacks. We will also share best practices for how to successfully identify and stop ATO attacks before they affect your business and your customers, as well as proprietary data from the Arkose Labs network.

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On-Demand | Sustainable Finance: The challenges and the Need for Clear Standards

September 14th 2021, 2:00 pm

Finance refers to any form of financial service integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria into the business or investment decisions for the lasting benefit of both clients and society at large. This means that it is crucial that banks and financial institutions make a risk analysis taking into consideration not only the economic data of the activity, but also the impacts on the environment and on society. Large companies and all listed companies, including SMEs, will have to report a set of information by 2024 and 2026 respectively. But what about the remaining SMEs that are the large majority of the European companies? How can they supply the ESG information that financial system needs already by 2022?

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