Coinbase Financial Model

Coinbase: 2012-2020 Estimated Financial Model.

Given that Coinbase is now public, we recommend you rely on their Investor Relations site here. This model may be useful for those looking for early numbers and growth rates.

All available models: Coinbase, Monzo


2021 Back of the envelope

Economic model

Coinbase is a leading crypto asset exchange company, with over 30 million customers.

So in the spirit of curiousity, we busted out the spreadsheet. As operators, we want to know how to build the economics of a multi-billion dollar behemoth. Obvious disclaimer — this is not investment advice, not that any of us can act on that. And, we don’t have any information about Coinbase other than what a quick Google image search brings up. That means everything we model is absolutely wrong and based on a made up premise. So let’s see how the sausage could be made.

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